What do you want students to learn?
- knowledgeable and able to articulate and support an opinion about a current event
- oral language skills
- persuasive writing skills
- identifying bias and perspective
- analytical/evaluative skills
- research skills
- how to use wiki pages or blogs as a forum for evaluation (rather than just a place to play or whine)

How will you know they know it?
- by grading final project (Letter to the Editor and responses to those letters) based on these qualities
- examining assortment and quality of source
- evaluating questions and participation in interview(s)

What learning activities would help them achieve those goals?
- Start by saying, "Go find," and see what students dig up (one article each).
- Have them post it on a blog or a wikipage we can all access.
- Together, evaluate what makes them credible or not. These articles can then inform the questions they ask.
- Move into project: brainstorming activity for developing interview questions.
- Interviewing relevant subjects (for example, street vendor, FDA representative) via Skype or a Google+ Hangout < This could be a panel discussion, it could be individuals on their own; it could be done by the whole class at once, or they could divide into groups.
- After the interview(s), model a Letter to the Editor in class, and then let them write their own, either on their own or in class.
- Post these letters as blog entries or wiki pages.
- Respond to these letters, maybe from the viewpoint of the interviewees.
  • For a shorter project, cut out the interviews and have the Letters to the Editor be based on the cumulative class research alone, which would be accessible via the wikipage.

What technology could help with that?
- Skype
- Google+ Hangout
- Wikipages or blogs
- Internet/library research