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Ryan Said (July 20th is only a week away!)

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Sarah Guzick
Erin's Test

Grahm Hannah- Altazor Hey, y'all! You did it! Now it's time to share your presentation by embedding your podcast. When you embed something, you tell the wiki page, "Hey there. Meander on over to Aviary, get the file I made, and make it show up here on my wiki page." You can embed tons of kinds of content on a Wikispaces wiki: a Google Form, a calendar, a video, and more. It's a great way to get Web content all pulled together on a single web page so your kids stay focused.

To embed your podcast here:

  1. Get the class wiki totem. This will prevent you from trying to edit while someone else is.
  2. Click WIDGET above.
  3. When the WIDGETS window opens, choose OTHER HTML from theoptions to the left. (It's the bottom choice).
  4. Paste your code from Aviary into the box.
  5. Click SAVE.
  6. You're back on the edit screen for this wiki page.
  7. You'll still be in the edit screen for this page, and you'll see a grey box marked "Widget." Add a quick caption, like, "Kristin and Jeff's Pledge of Allegiance." Remember privacy -- keep it simple (no last names, etc.).
  8. When you click SAVE, your podcast -- and its own player -- will appear!
  9. Return the totem and let someone else take a crack.
  10. Ask folks who are still working if you can give 'em a hand.

Grahm Hannah -Altazor
I Carry Your Heart With Me -- Poetry by Christine and ee Cummings (mostly ee)

by Kristin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) XOXO

By Matthew Pierson.... ft. Sarah the Unstoppable

Moist - Michael Gilmartin

by Lauren Rovin

Dylan Rustenholtz

Colleen McIntee
by John (Jack) Tamm
[audio][/audio] [url=]friday the 13th.egg[/url]
By Lisa Sullivan

Katherine Strong

By Alyssa Johnson & Chelsea Moszczenski
Kathlyen Harrison

by SHelley

"What's That Sound" a Student Biome Production by Rachael Machiele

"After School Buzz" with Yolanda and Carrie

by Michelle Cox
by Colleen Kartheiser

by Mike Biro

by Rayhan El-Alami

By Asha K. & Tasha R. do "The Importance of Being Earnest"

by Matt Foran

by Shaza Katrib

by Alex Mendiola
by Alex Mendiola

by LSB
by Abby Boggs and Elijah Smith
by: Abby Genise